Whidbey Road Trip

The Whidbey Island road trip infographic is an interactive and informational guide to some of the highlight areas that make Whidbey so special. Scroll over each location and get an in-depth explanation of why each location is special and worth visiting. Get an immersive experience and learn more about the geography and features that define the island. The map is intended to inspire the next adventurous soul to take a stunning road trip around Whidbey Island.

Whidbey Road Trip
Coupeville Deception Pass Kettles Trail Camp Casey Holland Happening Festival at Windjammer park Ebey’s Ridge and Bluff Trail South Whidbey Island State Park Meerkerk Gardens Penn Cove Shellfish LLC Kettles Trail Ebey’s Ridge and Bluff Trail Clinton Mukilteo Ferry Port Townsend Ferry Holland Happening South Whidbey State Park Coupeville Windjammer Park Penn Cove Shellfish Farm Admiralty Head Lighthouse Deception Pass Meerkerk Gardens


Visit Washington state’s second-oldest town and get instantly transported to yesteryear. With a downtown that has been preserved for more than a century, visitors are treated to a quaint and relaxed touristic experience. Go wine tasting at an antique winery, check out the diverse wildlife at Ebey’s Landing, or get a bite to eat at one of the town’s fantastic family-owned restaurants. If you are lucky, you may be in town for one of Coupeville’s extraordinary food or art festivals.

Check out the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce website for upcoming events!

Deception Pass

As jaw-droppingly beautiful as it is deceiving, deception pass offers visitors an overabundance of serene natural beauty. With 3,854 acres of coves, cliffs, trees, and camping grounds, visitors are encouraged to get lost and find peace again. Enjoy some of the best fishing in Washington in a freshwater cove, or take a canoe ride across to Fidalgo Island. Any trip to Deception Pass would be incomplete without a quick trip to check out the stunning architectural marvels of Deception Pass’s many bridges.

For more information, check out Washington State Park's website!

Kettles Trail

There’s no more of an authentic Whidbey Island experience than running on Kettles Trail. Right off of Highway 525, this running trail showcases all the natural beauty that Whidbey offers. Run through farmland and pine trees, get extensive views of the Salish Sea, and get stunning up-close looks at the island’s diverse wildlife. Unlike the Bluff trail, this run is not quite as brutally inclined.

For more information about the trail, click this link

Camp Casey

Once a military fort tasked with defending the Puget Sound from European invaders at the turn of the 20th Century, Camp Casey has turned into a bastion for education and fellowship. Since Seattle Pacific University bought the old fort, dozens of student groups, sports teams, and churches have used the site for retreats and getaways. Enjoy a beautiful sunset on the shores of the Puget Sound during your next Camp Casey retreat.

Visit the Camp Casey website for more information.

Holland Happening Festival at Windjammer park

The Holland Happening Festival is an annual celebration of Whidbey Island’s Dutch population. Come out to Oak Harbor for this spring extravaganza, enjoy some food from local vendors, and check out some local artwork. If you miss the festival, still feel free to spend some time lounging on a park bench at Windjammer Park, where you can enjoy views of the Oak Harbor marina.

For more information visit the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce website!

Ebey’s Ridge and Bluff Trail

Whidbey Island is home to some of the most beautiful running trails in the world. With a diverse ecosystem full of beautiful trees, marshlands, and ocean views, running on Whidbey is a meal for the senses. Take the 3.5-mile loop up to Ebey’s Ridge on the Bluff Trail if you want a challenge. It’s truly a lung buster, and you will earn your way to the top of the steep uphill. Once there, you will be treated to beautiful views of the Cascades, Olympias, and the Puget Sound. The trail finishes with a refreshing and rewarding beachside run down the hill.

For more information click this link.

South Whidbey Island State Park

 If you love trees, this is the place for you. With a wide variety of topiary selections, visitors can look up in awe for hours. Some trees in the state park have been around for 500 years. After a peaceful walk amongst the green giants, find a quaint picnic table, pull out a sandwich and enjoy stunning views of the Olympic Mountains.

For more information, visit the Washington State Parks website.

Meerkerk Gardens

If you like flowers, Whidbey Island has just the location for you. Meerwerk Gardens is a family-owned and operated 53-acre plot full of beautiful flowers and plant life. Known for its incredible collection of rhododendrons, this garden is the perfect place for a peaceful and serene weekend getaway. Come in the spring and enjoy their special nursery full of newly in bloom flowers that will take your breath away.

Visit the Meerkerk Gardens website for more information.

Penn Cove Shellfish LLC

Have you ever wondered how oysters get from the sea onto your plate? Well, they are farmed underwater by Oyster farmers who patiently and carefully cultivate the tasty delicacy. Whidbey Island is home to an abundance of Oyster farmers, who supply a significant portion of the west coast with their oyster supply. Head to Penn Cove Shellfish LLC to get up close and personal with this fascinating process.

Check out Penn Cove Shellfish LLC's website for more information.