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One thing that people seem to really neglect is eye health. Numerous times you will get a handful of older people saying that they have not had an eye exam in over 10 years. That is just a tad bit frightening especially since your eyes are one of the most important body parts you can have. 

Inside Americas Best, Photo by Dembe N

America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses is an affordable optometrist and lens retailer. At the beginning of the pandemic they were deemed non essential, due to the fact that annual eye exams were not essential. “Technically eyeglasses and exams were deemed essential… However, I believe us being open would have created an atmosphere of saying it was okay to come out when it was not,” said Shyanne Phillips, General Manager of the Ballard Blocks location. 

The eyeglass franchise was closed for over two months while the chain decided how to make the experience for patients and employees safe. Masks, face shields, hourly sanitization, and a patient limit in the store are a few of the precautions set in place to deal with Covid-19. 

Sales are on the rise now that the store is back in operation. “Sales were steady before covid struck. Now that we are back up and operating, it is at a pretty steady pace even with limited exams currently. I would say that even more people are spending money now, although I cannot figure out why,” mentioned Phillips. 

Working in optometry is not just all dullness and monotony. Phillips enjoys getting the opportunity to help children see “The look on their faces when they can see for the first time, and what the world really looks like is especially priceless to me.”


To book an appointment for an exam or questions regarding your next pair of glasses you can contact the Ballard Blocks location at (206) 268-6688.

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