Ballard Blossom, A Northwest Tradition since the 1920s

Photo taken by Ballard Blossom, Inc. - The Vibrant new storefront

Ballard Blossoms started as a sidewalk business in 1927 as Ms. Wiggen sold blooms from buckets. In 1945 John Martin bought the shop from Ms. Wiggen, and  it has continued for nearly 75 years as a family-owned establishment. 

Ballard Blossoms has been around for so long that they have customers from all over the world in countries like Australia, Bosnia, and London. Their longtime presence has led to  calls from customers remembering their wedding flowers of 50 years ago!

Courtesy: Ballard Blossom, Inc – Inside the Shop featuring Cooper

Not only do they do wedding flowers. They also send flowers for birthdays, newborn babies, funerals, memorials, graduations, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and proms. 

Typically, the biggest peak times for the company are holidays such as Valentines day, and Mothers day. Plus, spring is typically busy, as well as corsages for proms and graduation celebrations. The summer is filled with wedding bouquets. “This year has been going quite different due to social distancing, a lot of adjusting and figuring things out on the fly,” said Rachel Martin, manager of Ballard Blossoms. 

Dealing with the pandemic has been a creative challenge for the shop. The store has been closed to the public for over 2 months, and the switch to curbside pickup and no contact deliveries made. The store space has been altered with plexiglass dividers and lots of extra cleaning every other hour. “All of our team has been working really great with the changes and adapting as we move forward” praised Martin. 

However things are not as gloomy and tedious as mentioned. The store lines have been ringing with an absurd amount of thank you calls from grateful customers: “I don’t think we have ever received more thank you calls and emails saying how it made the recipients day! It has really been an honor to help make that connection,” Martin said. 

If you are looking for flowers for your loved one, be sure to check out the quaint Ballard Blossoms shop! Contact them at (206) 782-4213 or via their website

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