Going Out at Golden Gardens: To Mask or Not to Mask?

By: Leah Raissis, Angel Pham, and Sara Lippert

On a beautiful, early-summer night, it is nearly impossible to keep Seattlites indoors. The Stay Home, Stay Healthy Washington government over was implemented to slow the dramatic spread of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus earlier this year. While the city begins its phased plan of reintegration into regular daily life, Seattles parks remain an outdoor refuge for those who value spending time outside.

Golden Gardens is no exception. This beautiful Seattle beach park draws hundreds of visitors every year. For the people of Ballard, the shores are a place of pride. Part of the health department’s recommendation to those hoping to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus is the encouragement to wear droplet-stopping face masks when in public places such as parks, stores, and rideshares. Though, how do the patrons of Golden Gardens feel about this order? An anonymous survey was administered to a random sampling of park patrons during the last week of May. Below are the findings:



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