A Dream Come True

Have you ever wanted to have your own brewery creating your own craft beer? Well, Adam Robbings owner and founder of Reuben’s Brews in Ballard did just that.

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Being from the U.K Adam Robbings felt like he was missing something. That was craft beer. Since craft beer at the time wasn’t as popular as it was in the United States, when Robbings moved to the United States in 2004, he was excited.

In 2012, Robbings son, Reuben, for Christmas bought him a home brewing kit (it was actually his wife Amy Robbings) because of Robbings keen interest in craft beer, to see if Robbings would really enjoy making it, the home brewing kit helped him validate and grow his passion.

This home brewing kit led to Robbings winning many craft beer awards for his creations like the Finney Beer Taste Festival. Robbings beer won the People Choice Award. Though at the time he didn’t have an official brewery, his beers became so popular that he knew it was time to start to expand from the garage to an actual brewing space.

He named his brewery after his newborn son at the time, Reuben. Through the last couple of years, the brewery has expanded quite a bit to having to change spaces multiple times because of how quickly the brewery has grown. Today, they have their own establishment in Ballard.

The official Taproom at Reuben’s Brews. PC: Reubens Brews

Through the years Robbings has created hundreds of different beers. Last year he created about 170 different beers. This year he’s reaching over 100. Some of his beers include Crickey IPA, Fruit Bob- Passionftruit and Guava (Sour),and Tropical Funk (wild).

Robbings says, that the names of his beers come from “mine and Grace’s personality”.

Reuben’s Brews is currently open taking to go orders. The Taproom is open daily 10am -7pm.


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Interview with Adam Robbings

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