The LockSpot Cafe Is The Place To Be

Located next to the Ballard Locks is a Tavern covered with a beautiful freshly painted pastel colored mural depicting the sea with whales, a mermaid, and the Space Needle. It is the perfect mural for The LockSpot Café which is one of the original Old Ballard café’s.


The LockSpot Cafe’s new mural.
         Courtesy: The LockSpot CafeThe LockSpot café has had a vibrant history having been around since the late 1800s and overtime the café has expanded adding more room for their customers. Fisherman and sailors would come through the Ballard locks and pack the café chit-chatting about their lives creating a homey atmosphere. The creation of the homey atmosphere overtime has led to many lifelong friendships and marriages. The television show Deadliest Catch even caught onto the vibrant history and atmosphere of the Lockspot Café and filmed part of the show there. If anyone is a fan of the television show the Deadliest Catch, the Lockspot Café is the place to check out.
The LockSpot Cafe: Top Photo is in 1932. The Bottom Photo is with the addition of the Brygger House.
Courtesy: The LockSpot Cafe

Not only does the LockSpot Café have a vibrant history. They are most known for their World-Famous crispy Fish and Chips. They also have an extensive menu with more than fish and Chips. I asked the owner, Pam Hanson, what would she recommend off the menu for first timers of the LockSpot Café to try. She recommended: the calamari appetizer, the clam chowders, the fish and chips, bacon cheeseburger, the grilled salmon, the seafood fettuccini, and for dessert the bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

The LockSpot Café is currently open taking to-go orders. Customers can order by calling 206-789-4865 or by ordering in-person. Their hours are Monday-Friday 11am-2am and Sunday–Saturday 10am – 2am.

If you’re looking for a place that has fish and chips, rich history, and a welcoming atmosphere, The LockSpot Cafe is the place to be.

As the owner, Pam Hanson said, “The LockSpot Café will be part of the community forever”.




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