The Community Club that is still running active, amidst the pandemic

A community clubhouse, built upon issues pertinent to Sunset Hill. As well as being a recreational hub for a host of activities, that is what Sunset Hill Community Center is, a home.

Built in the late 1920’s, the arts and crafts clubhouse afforded local organizations and businesses space to host a multitude of workshops and events. Fast forward to 2020, and that hub is the go-to Sunset Hill avenue for: weddings, receptions, bar mitzvahs, family reunions, film screenings, musical performances, and more. 

Sunset Hill Community Club offering the venue for rent, before the quarantine. Photo provided by Angelica Pham.

As a part of the Phinney Neighborhood Association, Georgette Semroc, noticed how active their community is still through online classes. Surprisingly, it’s an online course that involves physical activity with the rest of their members.

“We have several movement-based activity groups at the clubhouse, which are our most frequent renters, and I’d say the yoga group is the most popular (Yoga Momma),” Semroc said.

One of the few ways to support this friendly community is by signing up for classes, renting out the clubhouse for events, and becoming a Sunset Hill Community Association member. Throughout the year, the association hosts creative events such as potluck dinners, bingo parties, movie nights and more to bring forth that sense of unity within the local community. 

While some businesses stayed afloat during the pandemic, the clubhouse is placed on a shut down until Phase 3 is in effect. Because there are no physical sites for events or community fun at the moment, the clubhouse has adopted and moved to online events and classes as a way to maintain a semblance of normality. One weekly event being brought forth by the Ballard Civic Orchestra and Orquesta Northwest is “Mi Casa es Su Casa,” a series that is broadcast every Monday through June. The goal is to bring forth support to the Latino community in Seattle throughout the pandemic. 

The club’s bulletin board that posts current and future events. Photo provided by Angelica Pham.

The actively running community center doesn’t fail to hold their online classes during this time of the stay home order. Instructors are doing their best to teach, motivate and engage with their classes during the odd times. 

It will be sometime before the clubhouse starts to see a profit again, due to the pandemic. “Just from speculation, we probably will not see rentals returning to a normal state until next summer (2021)” Semroc mentioned. Besides members retaining their association membership, and donations for the online classes, revenue will be slim to none. 

“We anticipate reopening when we enter Phase 3, at reduced capacity levels. Hopefully thats late June or July” Semroc said. 

As of right now, it is a waiting game for the clubhouse and community to return to a “new” normal.

To get involved in supporting the community, or for future events you can reach Sunset Hill Community Center at their website or by calling 206-784-2927.

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