Fred Meyer makes us safe!

During this pandemic, Fred Meyer has made a lot of changes, including cleanliness among the employees, limiting customers and products.  Litty Ames, the human resources assistant store leader at the Ballard Fred Meyer wants customers to know they store is friendly and caring, fresh, uplifting every day, and improving every day. Fred Meyer prioritizes customers and t communities, so that friendly and caring is important for Fred Meyer. She also said, “We also need to have everything fresh, we don’t want to give people food that we wouldn’t want our family to eat it. So everything must be fresh.” Fred Meyer needs to anticipate what the customers need and change the business to reflect what the customers want, such as moving to online ordering so that the customers feel safe and at the same time, can fulfill their needs. 

During this pandemic, there are lots of products that are in high demand and people are more aggressive in terms of buying the items they need. Fred Meyer itself was wiped out when the pandemic started and to adjust that, Litty Ames said, “People were overbuying and at that time, we couldn’t support it. At this point, it’s leveled up and there are things that are limited. So we limited some of the items, like cleaners, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, toilet papers, and wipes because we don’t want people to buy all of it, we want our whole community to have everything that they need.”. The product that is in the highest demand itself is the rubbing alcohol because a lot of people use it daily, like diabetics needed for cleaning during the insulins. 

Lastly, this pandemic makes changes for Fred Meyer because they change their system into online ordering and limiting in-store customers. Before this pandemic, there is no social and physical distancing. Therefore, Fred Meyer allows one person per 60 square feet. In addition, because of this pandemic, Fred Meyer allows only one person per 120 square feet, which means half of the actual customers allow to come to the store. However don’t be sad, there is online ordering, and people can order the items they want by ordering it online and pick up at the store.

Data Retrieved from KTVZ news sources.

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