Local Grocery Stores In Pandemic

We are living in a wild time nowadays and a cashier working for Marketime Foods thinks so as well. Cooper Hewitt has been working throughout the pandemic and he has been giving us some insight on what it is like working for one of the few businesses thriving in this complicated time. He tells us that including what some stores are doing that I mentioned before, Marketime Foods has also been requiring customers to wear gloves in the stores.

 Cleaning shelves in grocery store. U.S. Army Photo: Scott T. Sturkol

We asked Cooper how supplies were doing in the stores like toilet paper or any lasting food since that was a problem early on in this pandemic. He answered “We’ve ran into a few issues with toilet paper and flour but we’ve actually had a fairly consistent supply of supplies. Definitely doing a better job of staying supplied than the bigger stores.” Like the bigger stores, Hewitt claims that the store is making the same profit on some days and higher profits on others.

Marketime Foods store. Picture by Jen Sandoval

Hewitt also talks about his comfort about working in a store that is dangerous for it has been dangerous considering that there have been 100 grocery worker deaths due to Covid-19 according to Meryl Kornfield at the Washington Post. Hewitt quotes “It’s been stressful a lot of the time, especially when I run into people not following guidelines.” This has been tough to the people working at these stores because they have been put more at risk than a lot of people.

Grocery stores have been important throughout this process providing people more supplies to stay as comfortable during an uncomfortable time. Workers are working under abnormal conditions and the customers are visiting in the same circumstances. This pandemic might change how people interact in the future and it will be interesting to see how it impacts places like grocery stores and how that might possibly change.

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