Shelter-in-place hinders bicycle activity levels

May is Bike to Work Month in Washington state, but this may look a little different this year. The nation’s most “Bicycle Friendly State” is experiencing significant declines in bicycle and pedestrian activity this spring as a result of Governor Inslee’s shelter-in-place order.

The Fremont Bridge, a bascule bridge connecting the Fremont and Queen Anne neighborhoods, has seen a 42 percent decline this month compared to last year. When analyzing the first two weeks of May in 2019 and 2020, it is evident that bicyclist commuters play a significant role in the total data. A discrepancy of 24,659 counts was seen when comparing last year’s numbers to the present. This is also reflected by the average weekday count which saw a sharp 52 percent decrease as well.

Data retrieved from the Seattle Department of Transportation.

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