Glass Arts started in Seattle, Not Other Cities

Christian Shevchenko, the Co-owner of The Glass Eye Studio in Ballard. This photo is taken by Google. (CBRE) 


Christian Shevchenko is the co-owner of the Glass Eye Studio. His roles are various in this business, such as business operations, finance, overseas production, and working with various artists. He employed 15 artists who work for the Glass Eye Studio on designs and the artists created the glass art in the studio with designers.

Glass art itself was started several hundred years ago in Morano, Venice, Italy, where they had a large group of the early glassmakers. Morano was the main trading port and business exchange in Italy at that time. There were taxes based on the weights of a piece of glass. So, the glass artists were pushed to create thinner pieces of glass and as time goes by, they made a studio art glass movement. 

Christian said, “The glass art movements in the United States were started in Seattle in the late ’60s and early ’70s by various glass artists and one of them is Dale Chihuly.”. He has a museum at the bottom of Space Needle called the Chihuly Garden and Glass. When Dale Chihuly and his friends were young, they received a piece of land up north near Stanwood where they created Pilchuck glass school. One of those members was a man who found the “Glass Eye Studio” company 41 years ago and therefore, right now, the co-owner of that company is Christian Schevchenko. 

In order to know more about glass arts, there are several basic and important things you need to know to make glass arts. He said, “To make glass arts, people need to know that the glass itself is a unique material and some of its beauty in it is fragile.”. To create that, it comes in one form and turns into another and these designers and artists take the glass at 2500 degrees molten like lava. It should be this exact because it will form and created based on the temperature. To make good glass art, it should be made and formed in a fresh condition each and every single time. When it’s done being crafted, it goes to an oven for a day where it changes the consistency because it cools down slowly over time. Those are the most important things to do and to remember to make good glass arts. 

In conclusion, below are three glass arts that Christian Schevchenko, personally, thought that they made this with a very passionate a patient way. The tall one is a goblet, the next of the tall one is a chalice, and another photo is an organic orb that contains a paperweight.

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These glass arts were produced in the Glass Eye Studio and both of these were made by their artists. This photo was taken by Bryan Tanadi Tjandra. (Bryan Tanadi Tjandra).
This glass art was produced by the Glass Eye Studio artists. This glass art can be called as an organic orb that contains a paperweight. Photo was taken by Bryan Tanadi Tjandra. (Bryan Tanadi Tjandra).

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