Multimedia Journalism: JRN 4121

Story by Kate Erickson

Dr. Doug Downing & the Camp Casey telescope

Economist and astronomer, Dr. Doug Downing, teaches students how to observe the night sky.

Gillian Butchman revels in 
The Wabe

Director of The Wabe of Whidbey Island and President of the Katie Johnson fellowship, Gillian Butchman deep dives into the history of the camps and their purpose.
Story by Sydney Lorton

Opting Outside

While the world shut down, nature opened back up. Across the world, country, and state, people were looking to explore new places. Almost overnight, Deception Pass State Park welcomed an exponential influx of visitors.
Story by Tori McArthur

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Emma Brown, Daniel Newman & Tobias Sednef


Kate Erickson, Deborah Mahuji, Kyle Morrison & Vy K Vu


Hailey Echan, Mason Brooks, Alaysja Clark & Tori McArthur


Sydney Lorton, Santi Quiroga Medina, & Carlos Snellenberg-Fraser